Falkogroup is a Transport Logistics company providing high-quality services with the primary goal of contributing to the growth and successful development of every client’s business. We are a team of professionals, Transport and Logistics specialists who can take care of the task of any scale and complexity (we offer both daily transport and logistics solutions as well as the ones that require special knowledge and experience). We have been working in this field for more than ten years, so Transport and Logistics is our daily routine. We can ensure that all transactions are performed properly and on time. We are a flexible and promptly working partner the most important concern of which is the result equal to the effort; therefore, before starting any task, we analyze the situation thoroughly, consult with the client and draw up a work plan that corresponds to the current situation most.

Our Services

The services provided by Fakogroup – no standards; on the contrary, it is an individual package of services that matches the activities and subtleties of the activities of the client company, which is created in accordance with the laws and legal acts relevant in a particular case, without bothering the client with additional and completely unnecessary information. We work to minimize costs and worries of your company as much as possible, so both Transport logistics as well as other services are the warranty of exceptional attention and quality. We have no insurmountable tasks – we can take care of Transport logistics and its management even when the latter has been abandoned, prepare the necessary reports, carry out the Transport logistics functions, and organize other Transport logistics processes and, of course, advise on various issues related to the Transport logistics. We are in favour of the development of your business and therefore we want Falkogroup services to be the best way to achieve this goal.

What we offer

Our offered Transport logistics services mean a well-planned teamwork that enables to ensure that the services will be provided on a continuous basis, without any interruption (for this purpose, we constitute a team of several Transportation logistics groups that, in the event of a problem, replace each other, so that the client’s business activities and Transport logistics processes are always monitored and controlled). Only in this way we are able to achieve the best result, guarantee promptness and perform all operations on time. We are professionals in our field; therefore, in addition to the highest quality, we also guarantee confidentiality – in all cases, we sign a confidentiality agreement with the client, so you can be confident of your data security.